Remember the story of intense rivalry between Microsoft and Steve Jobs’ Apple Computer who started out in business around the same time ’81-’83 and after Apple developed its innovative drop down menu system and Microsoft promptly copied and called it Windows? Then when Windows surged to unprecedented heights in the marketplace Microsoft dumped DOS? It is widely believed that Bill Gates’ father, a brilliant business lawyer advised him to license Windows technology to PC manufacturers worldwide. It took Apple twenty years to catch up…the rest is history!

We believe we can more effectively reach large numbers of people who want to work in their own online businesses if we offered you a bigger slice of incoming revenues from your city or province in return for growing Startup Network’s client and subscriber base in your area as a business partner Broker

You would then have “exclusive” rights to share profits from revenue streams flowing in from subscribers, affiliates and repeat customers for the business that you manage within our guidelines in your area of operation. Benefits would include:

1. Email marketing systems that we’ll share with you -Penetrate your market faster
for more inflowing revenues! Puts more in your pocket!

2. A foolproof transparent system ensures you profit from revenues flowing in from video presentations and special offers that go out to your client network in a professionally packaged manner.

3. Any business that generates growing revenues and demonstrates marketplace savvy that helps keep it ahead of the curve can be sold at any time for several times its purchase price. When you partner with Startup Network as a Broker it would be
no different. Any time you wish to sell we would want you give us first refusal. Since we would be privy to the cash flow numbers and profits you’ve generated we’d be well positioned to offer you a fair market price for buy back.

4. The experience alone you’ll glean from email marketing, video distribution, sending out links to special presentations and organizing webinars would be worth much more than your initial cost to come in as a business-to-business Broker.

5. This valuable online ‘Insider’ trading knowhow is completely transferable to any other industry. Today all businesses need online expertise.

6. We don’t know of any other information business where you can possibly make more from an incredibly low $1995 brokerage starter fee when taken together with potential cash flows you’ll generate on your ‘watch’ and potentially huge profits you’ll reap should you want to sell your Startup Network Brokerage

7. Important Remember! This is a special introductory offer to fast track our growth and bring home-based income to many. Online business brokerages routinely start at $10,000. We believe Startup Network’s brokerage operator’s fee should soon go to $5,000 …at which time it will still be a bargain! At the steeply discounted $1995 early investors stand to reap exceptional rewards. And at the low, low convenient rate of just $250 down and $100/mo. over 20 months we believe our brokerage opportunity is a no brainer.

8. Most important of all is the nature of this business. When you empower others to work for themselves in a business of their choice and generate independent incomes to improve their lives, educate their children, or do with what is best for their families and communities, you do good work. Few things lift up people’s lives more than incentive to help themselves, and thereby lift up the community and the Family of Man.

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