Message from the President

Hello, the businesses featured in this quick-browse visual compendium with easy comparison and ready synopsis of core information about each operation are designed to help you generate income immediately after activation without needing thousands of $ in start-up capital.

Over the years while developing its business operations Canada’s Green Gold Group realized that the ‘American Dream’ of owning one’s own business has taken hold around the world. Many new technologies come together to facilitate quicker and faster startup for those privileged and well off enough to leverage technology to gain traction that grow their business.

However it is a fact that a great many players are not able to take advantage of opportunity and modern technology for lack of money, education, know-how and online connectivity among other reasons.

We believe the Startup Network addresses those needs.

We know that evolving technologies has made the world a smaller place and life moves ever faster. Snail mail that took weeks to move between countries changed forever with fax machines. Emails outgrew the fax.

Messaging took over from emails and reduced phone bills as well as spawned instant photo, music and video transmission among an array of competitors. Meanwhile social media grew in popularity and became powerful enough to start revolutions and bring down governments.

All these Internet services combine to offer vastly more opportunities today in every field of endeavor than ever before. Success breed success and converging or newer technologies spawn ever more appealing products or services that better the lives of the human family.

And yet…and yet! With all the surrounding propellants and convenient accelerators it remains a fact that it is hard to start up a business. Most businesses cost many thousands of dollars to start. A great many businesses fail within the first five years.

By offering business startups complete with operating systems, websites, video and a general membership site support Green Gold Canada Group hopes to give anyone a chance to make independent incomes by participating in a business they love without having to invest thousands of dollars. All possible positions are available here depending on the business; online affiliates,  griculture traders, room renters, tourist hostel partnerships, website co-owners, marriage agency promoters, online dating and even live game-show co-Producers.

When you join Startup Network and participate by adding your own commentary in the general membership site, or ask questions that receive answers from our support staff, questions that you and others learn from, your membership helps everyone grow in their chosen game. Of course you also help Startup Network become de facto global operation.

In this way you help the family of Man start businesses for very little upfront $. They tap into opportunities where prohibitive startup costs would otherwise preclude them from participating. We hope you’ll join us!

Lee le Chat/President


The Publishers of Startup Network, Green Gold Canada Group truly wants to position this organization as a global force for good. To achieve this objective we need experienced Managers and Partners for every business in every country and region where Startup Network will open. We invite you to self assess your own management capability and leadership qualities in the business you feel most closely connected to, the one that for you can become a labor of love to help others up the ladder, or simply to get started on the road to independent income. Please send us your resume if you feel you qualify.

Do this after you have joined a business here and activated it and have completed at least two or three transactions. We look forward to working with you.


Specialist Executive managers will be appointed in all businesses in every country where Startup Network will operate. Executive Managers need to be leaders, networkers and strategic thinkers; and have proven to be among the Best of the Best as in Players, Partners and Managers above. They must be beacons of hope in the specific business they choose… so that those who follow them will see more clearly their own paths to profits and brighter futures in their chosen operations at Startup Network.

Executive Managers will become salaried partners with special income packages and bonuses designed around performance. They will be drawn from Startup Network’s membership base of Partners and Managers and selected for leadership qualities, inspirational skills and business savvy. If you’ve signed up here and think this can be you please contact us after you’ve started your business and activated some cash flow from it. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lee le Chat /Publisher


The business of business ultimately is to better the lives of all humanity with goods and services that create jobs and grow incomes for its owners and workers. The Internet and rise of online media has opened up the world as never before.

Our mission is to use the transparency of the Information Age to help people harvest reward from their skills and talents as independent players who make incomes for themselves and families without the need to invest many thousands of $.

It is why new members get back double their membership fee as soon as they create cash flow that exceeds their cost of joining Startup Network. In this way members stand to lose nothing. The cost to join in fact will be zero.


The products and services or business opportunities offered on Startup Network, whether online or real world do not offer guarantees of income, or compensation, projections of income, or timelines by which any income amounts will be reached. Participation in any business whether as owner, partner, representing agent or affiliate may carry risk.
Some websites may be works in progress and as such we pledge to continually upgrade these to accommodate our membership. Participating players in Startup Network acknowledge sole responsibility and assume all risk associated with being a Player when they signup to participate.

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